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Annual Report 2016

"2016 was one of the most iconic years in the organization’s history to date."
Marie Haga
Executive director of the Crop Trust

Key figures

Crop varieties added+43K

Number of new crop varieties added to the Svalbard Global Seed Vault42,979

Crop Wild Relatives collected1,5K

CWR samples collected from 14 countries1,512

Grants provided for conservationUSD 32,4M

Value of grants Crop Trust provided to conserve crop diversity globallyUSD 32,444,843

Contributions+ USD 23,9M

Contributions to the Crop Diversity Endowment Fund in 2016USD 23,973,891

Accessions Conserved756K

Accessions conserved in international collections756,711

Updated accessions in Genesys2,1M

Number of accession records updated in Genesys2,194,870

Crop accessions distributed72K

Accessions distributed by international collections of crop diversity72,658

Countries receiving samples102

Number of countries receiving samples from Crop Trust supported collections102


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Walter Fust

"We on the Executive Board certainly felt the energy this year, and also the heat."
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Marie Haga

"Vavilov's insight, that crops are citizens of the world, still holds the power to inspire."

What we do

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Global Genebank Partnership

The Crop Trust is building an effective, sustainable global system to conserve the world’s crop diversity forever.
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Quality Management Systems

“If you’re a genebank, however small, you need a quality management system. You can’t leave anything to chance. Seeds are too precious.”
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Crop Wild Relatives

"The future of food fundamentally depends on these plants, and we all share a common interest in ensuring their productivity and resilience."

What we do

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Svalbard Global Seed Vault

“In a rapidly changing world, it’s wonderful to see a renewed commitment from partners to safeguard their resources in the Svalbard Global Seed Vault."
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Information systems

“It doesn’t help to have the most perfect crop collections in the world, if no one knows what they contain. That is why information systems are so important.”
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Global strategies

The result of global conservation strategies is an improved understanding of threats to diversity and an actionable strategy for progress.

The Crop Trust

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“The Crop Trust is very fortunate to benefit from a multifaceted and inclusive governance structure.”
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Human resources

The Crop Trust is committed to securing our food, together.
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"2016 was one of the most iconic years in the organization’s history to date. I am extremely proud of the strides we made in growing our ever-important network of partners."

Take action

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Take action

The effects of climate change put crop diversity front and center. Diverse crops enable farmers to provide adequate food and nutrition, not only for their families but for others as well.
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Spreading the message

It matters not what continent we live in, nor where our favorite crop comes from – e.g. maize from Mesoamerica, rice from Southeast Asia, wheat from the Fertile Crescent. We all eat. And we all benefit from crop diversity.
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Thank you

We are deeply grateful for all contributions and pledges of all sizes because they show the continued power of the hope we all share, a hope for a food secure world.


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Financial statement

Grants to conserve crop diversity world wide increased in 2016


Crop Trust

Securing our food, forever

The Crop Trust is fortunate to have support from across the world all dedicated to realizing one common vision: a food secure world.

The Crop Trust would like to thank the following people for their support for this year’s annual report: Ambassador Walter Fust, Mary Ann Sayoc, the Crop Trust Staff, Scriptoria, Epic Agency, In Fine Co/Creative Agency and Getty Images Reportage.

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